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USITC says: Those artificial stones are subsidized and violate fair trade / Accusations also against quartz from India and Turkey and against ceramics from China

Euroroc informs: The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) approves tariffs against Quartz Products from China

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Exposure to crystalline silica dust is a theme for stonemasons world-wide. Readers will recall: workers who dry-cut natural stone or engineered stone slabs over prolonged periods of time are in danger of contracting pneumosilicosis.

Euroroc News: Occupational health issues caused by crystalline silica dust is a world-wide topic of discussion for Stonemasons

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New, too, are the strong efforts to solicit tradespersons from neighboring countries around France

French Rocalia Trade Fair is barring all engineered stone and quartz composite materials at its second edition

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Stijn Renier and Kristof Callebaut from Belgium share their presidency for the term from 2018 to 2020

Euroroc’s two new presidents: „Communication and collaboration are the key issues”

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Le vendredi 28 septembre 2018 l'assemblé générale d'Euroroc à élu M. Kristof Callebaut et M. Stijn Renier en tant que co-présidents pour les deux prochaines années.

Présidence belge à la tête d'Euroroc

Pierre Actual Belgique

Peter Handley is the newly appointed EU-Commissioner for sustainability / His credo is Circular Economy

Euroroc: „Securing natural resources“ is also about keeping quarries in operation

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Protecting names such as „Marble“ or „Calacatta“ is the topic of discussions / A clean slate for the stone branch?

How producers of ceramics, quartz composites, and engineered stone practice plagiarism

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Can the stone branch undertake steps to stop plagiarism by ceramics and engineered stone? A compilation and taking stock

„Ceramic interpretation of natural stone“ and other fancy product descriptions

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The European umbrella organization for the natural stone branch is undertaking an investigation of plagiarized product-names

Euroroc: turning the ECJ judgment on „Soya Milk“ into a virtue to protect natural stone names such as „Marble“ or „Granite“

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In part the issue involves quartz composite materials in particular, and in part general labor protection is the topic of interest

Crystalline silica in stonemasons‘ workshops is a major issue in many countries

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